The Social Media Zombie Apocalypse

Seeing this infographic the day before Halloween made me laugh! This infographic identifies  eight different zombie types:

  1. The Baby-Obsesses Zombie – the zombie that can’t stop compulsively posting statuses about their child
  2. The Check-In Zombie – The easiest zombie to allude. This one let’s you know where they are.
  3. The Hashtag Zombie – You may never understand this zombie, but that’s not the point
  4. The Inner Dialogue Zombie – This one can’t help but express every single thought enters their mind.
  5. The Foodie Zombie – These zombies run in packs and linger around hip food trucks and news gastropubs.
  6. The Fool Photo Fetish Zombie – These zombies compulsively set up the perfect vista shot to show you where their feet have been.

Are you one of these zombies? With so many people obsessed with social media chances are you have probably crossed paths with at least one of them.


One thought on “The Social Media Zombie Apocalypse

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